Digital cnc driver and CCK5560 for sale


This driver kit is include  with our  Cnc Router kit  which is available for sale on

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Cnc Router kit   7” Z axis  construction manual
Cnc Router kit  8” Z axis construction manual
Spindle with VFD  wiring diagram 
Cnc Milling Machine G0704  construction manual

It is new  breakout board  model ST-V3

Diagram Wiring

XML  ST-V3  FILE SET UP FOR MACH3   press here

CCK5560  to  ST-V3  Breakout Board

Picture 1


Board PDF  press the link below

mach3 5 Axis CNC Breakout Board V 3

Step 1

Digital Driver CCK to Power supply


step 2


step 3  you need to wire the driver  with ST-V3 breakout board

Please see picture 1  above how to wire driver with board


Step 4)
Time for stepper motor – stepper motor wire color :
A+ Red
A- Green
B+ Yellow
B- Blue

stepper motor wire

Step 5

stepper motor wirring


4 axis cnc driver wiring

Step 7)

Set up for your kit current table

set up for our kit current table

original setup


After change  that setup it has to be

SW1 and SW2  has to be on SW3  OFF

set up for our kit current table sw1 sw2

Now it’s time to setup the step pulse MM option you have to take 1600 divide by pitch of the ball screw 5 mm  give as 320 steps per unit

setup puls step matric option

Cnc driver setup current and step plus for metric setup ,we’ll show you  how the driver  SW1, SW2, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7 and SW8 has to be set

cnc driver setup current and step plus

SW4 is better to set it on OFF as you see it on the picture

cnc driver setup current and step plus 1

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